Inspired to travel: The words that help me towards new wanderings

There is this mundane everyday routine in the life of a twenty-something Young Professional (YP) that I sometimes have to live by.  Even on Saturdays.  I don’t have a problem with my career path, but sometimes it gets tiresome.  Routine is a killer, especially for someone like me.  I prefer to wander through life, staring wide-eyed at everything it has to offer up everyday.  I know when my senses towards my surroundings have numbed.  In this weak overworked frame of mind, wanderlust takes over and throws me around corners at lightning pace.  At times like these I refer back to, and practice the inspirational (traveling) words that has motivated my travel dreams for the past years.  So, I end up buying plane ticket to Europe.  These words may seem silly to you but they help drag me towards the unknown world of discovering once again.

“So there I was at the very bottom.  With nothing but a wagon, a mule and a completely irrational sense of optimism.”  ~The Lorax

The travelers I’ve met on my path have been some of the most positive and optimistic people I’ve come across.  Having a kind of irrational sense of optimism has helped me to achieve things when I thought there was no other way out.  I have recently come to realize that this characteristic us wanderers posses is a sort of gift, one that not everyone can channel.  When I implode my optimistic vibes onto my travel plans, things fall into place.  The world seems to work in my favor, as I pour my heart and soul into passionately planning my next meeting with an unfamiliar corner of the globe.  Friends and family can harshly criticize me, calling me irresponsible, childish and claiming that I’m too ‘happy-go-lucky’ with life.  I’m a firm believer in the powers of the universe and the invisible forces that works either for or against us.  Yes, I like to ride out my luck to the very last bit only because I know that everything will work out in the end.  Traveling to new places pushes my boundaries in such a way that even the worst experiences on the road can turn out a positive.  I laugh at this quote, thinking of the silly Lorax movie.  It’s usually when I’ve hit bottom with my YP life that my optimism creeps up from deep inside and starts whispering to my soul that I can go again.  Go out and explore which ever awe-inspiring place I crave for.

“And when you want something, ALL the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  ~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

If you’ve read The Alchemist, it’s probably had some sort of impact on your life.  It taught me to listen more closely to myself and appreciate the world around me everyday.  I rarely miss an opportunity to connect with other strangers, wanderers, that comes my way.  More often than not, it’s the strangers along the way that sometimes helps us the most.  Then they disappear on their own traveling journeys, leaving you with a kind memory.  The universe does conspire with us to help us out.  It might just be that, that stranger who is tapping on your shoulder after midnight at a spanish ATM, which just swallowed your credit card and all your funds, is actually the bank manager who forgot to lock his office and is asking teary-eyed you in Catalan if you want him to go into the machine and get your card for you.  The universe helps us out in small little ways, everyday.  It’s just more recognizable when you travel, as you are more obviously depended on the kindness of others.

I’m flying out in a week’s time.  I spent my current savings on my plane ticket and visa fees.  I had less than two months to save up for the rest of my trip.  My friends called me crazy for traveling overseas on such short notice.  When I applied for my Schengen visa, it took two days instead of the normal two weeks.  The chaotic preparation for my application and spending hours at the bank trying to sort out my ‘funding’ was not in vain.  The embassy granted me a year visa.  From the beginning I had faith that everything will sort itself out.  So far, everything has conspired with me to go on my trip and I definitely can’t wait to wander out of my routine comfort zone once more.



13 thoughts on “Inspired to travel: The words that help me towards new wanderings

  1. Wow that is so true and reminded me of a quote by Joseph Campbell “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”
    I look forward to reading about your new travelling adventures!
    Have a great trip!:)


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