A Historic Chocolateria in Madrid

I enjoy visiting the historical places of the world.  Every now and again one comes across such an establishment that not only provides you with a bit of history, but also a wonderfully delicious culinary treat.  San Ginés is a chocolateria in the heart of Madrid making chocolate y churros for over 200 years!

San Ginés is tucked into a little side street just off plaza mayor and close to the San Miguel market.  It first opened its doors in 1894 and now runs as a 24 hour churro and chocolate machine.  You might have some trouble finding it with a mediocre tourist map.  If you follow the many Asian tourist groups you’re bound to run into in the area, you’ll be sure to find it!  San Ginés is on the tourist route, so be aware.  It comes recommended on most travel sites because it is the oldest chocolateria in Madrid.  The decor on the inside of the parlor has remained unchanged from the past and the walls are lined with photographs of famous people who has visited there before.


When I visited there it was not too crowded and the service is incredibly quick with the waiters quite courteous with all the tourists trampling through their doors.  I opted for the standard churro y chocolate with a seat inside the parlor.  The waiter arrived within minutes with long warm crunchy deep-fried goodness with a dark pool of chocolate as accompaniment.


The Verdict:

The churros were thinner than the ones I’ve had before but had a light and fluffy texture.  It wasn’t greasy at all.  They tasted exactly as expected, deep-fried dough.  Salty, not sweet.  The chocolate was delicious.  I’ve read some reviews where people complained that it was too watery.  I didn’t have that problem, instead is was quite rich.  The taste though, were more of hot cocoa than creamy chocolate.  It was sweet and in combination with the churros worked perfectly.  I didn’t even manage to finish my whole plate or cup of chocolate!  San Ginés is well worth a visit, not very pricey and something to do one your first trip in Madrid.  The best is, you can go any time of day or night (great for hangovers)!  It’s hard to be too critical, I mean, who doesn’t like deep-fried dough dipped in chocolate every now and then?  I will have to admit that I had better churros unexpectedly at the Madrid Autobus Station cafeteria in 2011 with thick and moist churros and dark creamy chocolate.




24 thoughts on “A Historic Chocolateria in Madrid

  1. Yum!! I love Churros with chocolate – I haven’t been to Spain for many years but I wish I had tried themy out when I was there!


  2. Welcome back! I’d wondered where you’d got to – Madrid it would seem. I have to admit I’ve never understood the fascination with churros, I’m not a fan of them or the sauce!


      1. In that case, if you ever make it to Oz, I recommend you go to Max Brenner – it is a chocolate cafe. Their hot chocolate is literally hot melted chocolate & they do all sorts of chocolate food & drinks.


  3. Nice write up on this place. I was surprised by how different the churros and the chocolate was at the different places throughout Madrid… seems like they all have their own unique magic they work on these delicious treats. : )


    1. Madrid city center is lovely to explore on foot! Lots of narrow streets to get lost in. I’d recommend afternoon snacks at Mercado de San Miguel (it’s a bit too pricey theses days though…). There’s a lovely rooftop bar at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, La Azotea to check out great city views and tapas at La Latina. For a late night flameco show I’d say look for the hidden Casa Patas in the center. If you like museums the Prado is great and not as crowded as the Louvre. Day trips to Toledo, Segovia and Avilla is also a good idea. Enjoy planning your trip!

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  4. Churros are great with a Lumumba!

    You mention that you like historical places, have you visited the last hand-made glove shop in Madrid? Fascinating, a step into the past.


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