Notes from my Travel Journal

I take notes when I travel.  I try to not only capture an experience in my memories but with photographs and the collection of excess ticket stubs, receipts, maps and mementos.  I pile them all into  A5 journals along with my hastily written field notes after a day of exploration.  Recently I revisited some of these journal pages and I happily share some of them with you.

Exploring Amsterdam

THE Oktoberfest
One day Rome express
One day Rome express
Macaroon memory of Paris
Macaroon memory of Paris
The many things of Florence

Why not share some of your own travel journal pages?


11 thoughts on “Notes from my Travel Journal

  1. This is brilliant! You know, I have tried but somehow ended up starting with one notebook and misplacing it or it got left behind with another suitcase. Then I started a second one and same thing happened. I gave up. I really admire your ability to journal and keep little mementos. I’m sure revisiting them brings you a lot of joy!


    1. Thanks! Somehow I’ve managed to keep up with my journal notes…on the last few days I usually *fail* and just jumble in everything together. It actually started when I wanted to keep track of my money while traveling…and I ended up with some nice little mementos and notes 🙂 I love paging through them when I long to travel.

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  2. OMG..this is so see things written with an actual pen and on paper!! I miss those days when all I had were scrap books and real albums. So well done, forbeing able to maintain these even whilst capturing your memories on this blog.


  3. I love that you’ve shared this! I also always travel with a journal, but I’ve found less and less I’m keeping tickets and brochures and the like… I need to start doing that again, looking at yours it makes me nostalgic!


  4. Love the idea of keeping a travel journal and ticket stubs etc and used to be quite good at doing this – it’s actually one of the reason I like blogging about travel too – kind of like a modern day journal we ca look at for years to come!


  5. Hey there, thanks for liking my post and for following my blog 🙂
    This is cool to do, I did this when I got the liberty to travel to the UAE was fun was actually my boyfriend’s suggestion so I can cherish even more than pics etc. So I will totally do it again on my next travels abroad.


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