Croatian Adventure: Krk and Vrbnik

The first stop on my Croatian boat trip was the island of Krk. It’s Croatia’s biggest island off the main land and connected by a toll bridge.  The old parts of Krk town are easy to explore on foot and full of narrow alleyways leading to small restaurants, konobas (a Croation pub-like institution with great food) and shops selling handcraft items. A visit to the medieval city, Vrbnik, was the highlight of my visit. Perched on a 48m cliff and overlooking the Adriatic ocean, it’s a lovely sight to see.

Krk2Krk town is filled with ruins from Roman times, with ruins even located inside a bar called Volsonis! They’re protected by glass and if you stumble down to the basement where local bands perform, you can see that the building is very old with some pieces of old artifacts still stuck in the walls.


A leisurely stroll throughout the town provides views into its past with old buildings and monuments from Roman times.


Cute cats also appear to be napping around every corner!


Next was a visit to the medieval Glagolitic town of Vrbnik, a 30 minute drive out of Krk town. A visit in the late afternoon will charm you as the small perched town casts its magic and tranquility in the sunset. There we no tourist masses pushing through the narrow walkways and the town was free to explore.


I visited in late April, which seemed to be a quiet time at the beginning of the tourist season. Finding one of the few open wine bars this time of year, was slightly difficult. Vrbnik produces a famous white wine called žlahtina and we opted for a tasting at a small wine bar we found, sitting outside enjoying the view with wine in hand. We also had a meat and cheese platter. After the tasting we found an open restaurant serving pizza. Not truly Croatian, but it was some of the best pizza I had on the trip.


A nightly stroll through the medieval town was eerily ambient with no other people in sight. In the end we only spent a little more than half a day in Krk which was split with the visit to Vrbnik. I definitely want to return and explore more of the small towns on the island!