Complete bliss at Jason’s Bakery

Located on the corner of Bree and Bloem street in the Cape Town CBD, is the hugely popular Jason’s Bakery. What differentiates Jason’s Bakery from many of the other eateries in the area, is the sheer creativity of @captainbreadza, always keeping his customers on the tips of their toes with the menu.

One of the best days to make a leisurely visit to Jason’s is on Saturday mornings to grab one of the day’s limited doughssant creations (Jason’s take on the cronut). Saturdays are the only days you can experience this delicious delight and my advice is to get there EARLY, there’s always a queue and the doughssants may sell out within two hours. Keep an eye on the bakery’s social media accounts where @captainbreadza will let you know the flavour of the day. When I visited it was a delicious cranberry and white chocolate mousse creation.



The serve deluxe coffee, the standard a double-shot, to be gulped down with a peanut butter filled croissant wrapped with bacon and drizzled with honey. The bakery has an ever changing inventory and a quick ‘sushi sandwich’ or ‘Chuck Norris’ sandwich can hit the spot for a quick lunch on any given day.




If you plan on going in peak time (7-9am; 11h30-13pm) be prepared to be put on the waiting list for a table. It’s totally worth the wait.
Address: 185 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001
Phone: +27724245644
Hours: Closed: Sunday & Monday
Open: Tuesday – Friday 7am – 3h30pm
Saturdays 8am-2pm


8 thoughts on “Complete bliss at Jason’s Bakery

  1. Feeling like Al Pacino (“Just when you thought you were out they pull you back in”) when I saw the pix in your blog. Just when I started my diet today, you hit me with this and I’m salivating for something sweet and gooey. Note you are off to Japan in April. Me too, in May. My first visit there and excited by the trip I’ve planned which includes walking in the Japanese Alps.


    1. Ooh it was delicious 🙂 but not good for the diet! Good luck for sticking to yours. I can’t wait for Japan! I’m traveling solo, its quite expensive for South Africans. I wanted to see the snow corridor in the alps!! But I’m going to early in April 😦 Your hiking trip sounds amazing!


  2. It’s super cool that you gets to travel all over the world 🙂 Japan is on my bucket list but lol I should also probably learn Japanese first too, I can speak some Mandarin though 🙂

    I Like your foodie posts also. Hey what do you think about Charly’s Bakery also in Cape Town? I had something there once but was a quick in and out bite lol, so I never really took it all in and was so long ago probably changed by now but was yummy and looked cozy as well.

    Thanks so much for following and liking my blog i really appreciate it lots! 🙂

    have a great trip and safe travels! 🙂


    1. I can’t speak any Japanese, I know a few of the basics 🙂 I haven’t been to Charly’s in a while! But I do like there setup and cupcakes 🙂 I would like to visit them again soon as I heard they’ve gotten quite touristy and hopefully they haven’t had that influence them.


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