Inspired to travel: The words that help me towards new wanderings

There is this mundane everyday routine in the life of a twenty-something Young Professional (YP) that I sometimes have to live by.  Even on Saturdays.  I don’t have a problem with my career path, but sometimes it gets tiresome.  Routine is a killer, especially for someone like me.  I prefer to wander through life, staring wide-eyed at everything it has to offer up everyday.  I know when my senses towards my surroundings have numbed.  In this weak overworked frame of mind, wanderlust takes over and throws me around corners at lightning pace.  At times like these I refer back to, and practice the inspirational (traveling) words that has motivated my travel dreams for the past years.  So, I end up buying plane ticket to Europe.  These words may seem silly to you but they help drag me towards the unknown world of discovering once again.

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