Lisbon Guide 10 things to do on your first trip

Lisbon is an absolute dream to explore and honestly I can not compare it to any other European capital. You could stay for weeks and it would still not be enough time to discover all its hidden secrets. As a start, here’s my ideas on 10 things you can’t miss on your first trip to Lisbon.

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A Visit to Kanazawa’s Omicho Market

The city of Kanazawa is probably not on everyone鈥檚 Japan itinerary list.聽 Most people just use the city as a transportation hub heading to Takayama or Shirakawa-go.聽 Some include is as a day trip to visit Japan鈥檚 third most beautiful garden Kenrokouen.聽 If you spend more than a day here, you鈥檒l realize the town is full of surprises and perfectly preserved because it escaped the air raids during World War II.聽 Kanazawa is close to the ocean and located in the Ishikawa prefecture.聽 It boasts with a wonderful fresh food market, Omicho.

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Outdoors in Cape Town – Things you can do for free

Cape Town has something for everyone; good food and wine, beautiful beaches, great shopping, museums and beautiful nature spots.聽 When the weather is good most Cape Townians head outdoors to experience the best the city has to offer without spending a penny.聽 Here’s some of the best outdoor activities for everyone in Cape Town that you can do for free!

Hike up Lion’s Head

This moderate hike up Cape Town’s iconic Lion’s Head Mountain is one of my favorite outdoor activities in the city.聽 Start your hike early to avoid the heat in summer, or do the full moon hike at night.聽 You’ll be rewarded with the best views of the bay, for free.聽 For more details and tips on the hike, read my full post here.

View from the top of Lion's Head. Robben Island spotted in the distance
View from the top of Lion’s Head. Robben Island spotted in the distance

Picnic on Signal Hill
If you’re not up for a hike, you can drive past Lion’s Head on to one of Cape Town’s other landmarks, Signal Hill.聽 This is the perfect spot for a picnic and to watch the sun go down over Table Bay.

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6 Top things to do in C贸rdoba

C贸rdoba was once the Roman and Moorish capital of Spain with its roots in the banks of the Guadalquivir River in Andalusia, Spain.聽 It has a rich cultural and architectural heritage and in medieval times it was one of the few places Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived together peacefully.聽 Yet, it’s somewhat overshadowed by its neighbors, Granada and Seville and left out of many Spanish itineraries.聽 I enjoyed my stay in the city so much, I would recommend it to anyone traveling to Spain and the South.聽 Here’s my 6 Top Things to do in C贸rdoba I compiled after my stay.

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A visit to C贸rdoba’s majestic Mezquita

C贸rdoba is one of the jewels of Andalusia in Southern Spain.聽 Like many of its sister cities in the area (Granada, Seville, Cadiz) it boasts one magnificent structure that places it on the must see list of Spanish cities.聽 What is this magnificent structure I’m talking about?聽 Well, it’s called the Mezquita-Cathedral – literally a Mosque-Cathedral.

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Explore Tokyo: Shibuya Guide

The Shibuya area in Tokyo is a popular district for shopping, entertainment and nightlife.聽 It’s located between the equally popular Shinjuku and Harajuku areas and a good central point to stay if you visit Tokyo.聽 Most of the well-known shops and restaurants are located around Shibuya Station and you’ve probably seen pictures of the busy Shibuya Crossing or heard about Hachiko, the loyal dog’s statue.聽 Here’s some of my recommendations on what to see and do in Shibuya.

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Hiking Lion’s Head, Cape Town

Lion’s Head is part of the Table Mountain Range in Cape Town, South Africa.聽 It’s iconic peak looms over the city and the ocean and a hike to its summit is popular with locals and tourists alike.聽 The hike can take a steep 2-3 hours up and down and rewards with views around every corner.

View from the top of Lion's Head. Robben Island spotted in the distance
View from the top of Lion’s Head. Robben Island spotted in the distance

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How to spend 24 hours in Cape Town

If you’re traveling to South Africa, chances are good that you will visit Cape Town, South Africa’s mother city.聽 This beautiful harbour city sits against the backdrop of Table Mountain, one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.聽 The city is stacked with stuff to do, indoors and out doors.聽 If this is your first time here, read my quick guide on how to spend a packed 24 hours in Cape Town.

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