Comfort food at a Slow Market: Belgian flavours

Slow food markets has become a huge trend over the last few years in South Africa.  Exploring different artisan foods is a brilliant way for me to spend some of my weekends.  The food quality and locations of the markets are excellent.  Some are held in the city center of Cape Town while others lurks on the outskirts at small bay towns or deep in the wine country on some of the most pristine wine estates.  You can taste flavors from all over the world.  I usually enjoy Asian with freshly made dim sum and soft pork buns.  The other day I had a toasted haloumni wrap of sorts made Cretan style.  Lately I have noticed a pattern though.  I always seem to track down the same BELCROQ stall and end up with a delicious cheesy Belgian croquet on my plate…The last time this happened, at the Blaauwklippen family market on the Blaauwklippen wine estate in Stellenbosch, I made a few notes.

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