Photo pop-up: Sunset in San Sebastian

What a beautiful way to end the day 馃檪


6 Top things to do in C贸rdoba

C贸rdoba was once the Roman and Moorish capital of Spain with its roots in the banks of the Guadalquivir River in Andalusia, Spain.聽 It has a rich cultural and architectural heritage and in medieval times it was one of the few places Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived together peacefully.聽 Yet, it’s somewhat overshadowed by its neighbors, Granada and Seville and left out of many Spanish itineraries.聽 I enjoyed my stay in the city so much, I would recommend it to anyone traveling to Spain and the South.聽 Here’s my 6 Top Things to do in C贸rdoba I compiled after my stay.

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A visit to C贸rdoba’s majestic Mezquita

C贸rdoba is one of the jewels of Andalusia in Southern Spain.聽 Like many of its sister cities in the area (Granada, Seville, Cadiz) it boasts one magnificent structure that places it on the must see list of Spanish cities.聽 What is this magnificent structure I’m talking about?聽 Well, it’s called the Mezquita-Cathedral – literally a Mosque-Cathedral.

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10 Things to do in Madrid’s city center

Madrid is one of those cities I constantly long to go back to.聽 I can see myself living, working and eating here.聽 I鈥檓 in love with the Spanish way of life, the 鈥榙uende鈥 you鈥檒l hear many of them speak of.聽 Madrid’s city center is a great place to get an idea of what Madrid is about and it can easily be explored on foot.聽 After you鈥檝e explored the city center, you can head out into the other areas like El Rastro La Latina, Lavapi茅s etc.聽 Here鈥檚 my best 10 things to see and do in the center.

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Relaxing at a rooftop bar with a view of Barcelona

Barcelona has many things on offer for every type of visitor that pranced through its city streets.聽 It can take more than a few visits to this diverse city to truly get the most out of all it has to offer.聽 On my third visit here, my friend suggested that we go look for the rooftop bar in La Rambla that someone had told her about.聽 I found myself thinking: In La Rambla?聽 Where all the gazillion tour groups wander through and immigrant hawkers hound you around every corner?聽 Boy was I surprised at what we found!

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A Historic Chocolateria in Madrid

I enjoy visiting the historical places of the world.聽 Every now and again one comes across such an establishment that not only provides you with a bit of history, but also a wonderfully delicious culinary treat.聽 San Gins is a chocolateria in the heart of Madrid making chocolate y churros for over 200 years!

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