10 Things to do in Madrid’s city center

Madrid is one of those cities I constantly long to go back to.  I can see myself living, working and eating here.  I’m in love with the Spanish way of life, the ‘duende’ you’ll hear many of them speak of.  Madrid’s city center is a great place to get an idea of what Madrid is about and it can easily be explored on foot.  After you’ve explored the city center, you can head out into the other areas like El Rastro La Latina, Lavapiés etc.  Here’s my best 10 things to see and do in the center.

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Oh, for the love of Spain! Reasons to always return…or go in the first place


Spain sits comfortably between Portugal and France and looms across the Mediterranean Ocean at Northern Africa.  In the North, the Atlantic Ocean lapse at its shores.  Geographically inclined to provide dry, sunny weather, finding your own soul-satisfying corner of earth on the Spanish coastline or the interior Andalusia or Basque Country, can be rewardingly easy.  Spain provides something for everyone: mountains for the climbers and explorers, beaches for the sun worshipers, resorts for the family vacationers, ancient walking trails for the pilgrims, big city shopping for the shoppers and culture, so much culture…


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